Building a More Sustainable Future for Communities in Asia

Begawan Foundation was established in 1999 by Bradley and Debbie Gardner, who were also the creative forces behind the world-renowned Begawan Giri Estate on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Their experience at Begawan Giri Estate inspired them to initiate programmes that would benefit local people, especially in terms of conserving the natural environment and satisfying their needs in the areas of education and healthcare.

The Bali Starling Conservation Project was its first initiative. This is successfully reintroducing a beautiful and highly endangered bird species that had almost become extinct in its wild habitat on the island.

The Mitchell’s Lorikeet Conservation Project is underway to save a species, caught for the pet trade, that is no longer to be found in Bali. Breeding and reintroducing this species will add a flash of colour to the environment.

The breeding of Other Indigenous Indonesian Birds will become a focus in 2016, with an emphasis on the Bali Black-winged Starling, considered by many to be the most endangered songbird in Indonesia.

Our Educational Focus began by helping local kindergarten children to learn English and the importance of conservation, and has developed to include local students in areas where there are free flocks of Bali Starlings.

Our Health Focus started as a professionally run clinic for the Estate’s employees and their families, and has since developed into a project that focuses on meeting the medical needs of children suffering from Hirschsprung’s Disease, a potentially fatal congenital disorder that affects a large number of youngsters on Bali.

Bradley and Debbie sold Begawan Giri Estate in 2004, and they have since devoted their time and energy to realising the Foundation’s Vision and Mission. Thanks to their dedicated efforts and financial support, the scope of the Foundation’s work is steadily expanding, both in Bali and other Indonesian islands.

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